vegan shoes


So, where CAN you get vegan sneakers?

Well, if you are only interested in whether the shoes consist of any leather parts, you can often find information on the shoe itself. Check on the tongue of the shoe for written descriptions such as “Leather upper” or “Synthetic Upper” and “Man-made materials”. Often there are only symbols listed, either on the tongue or as a sticker on the inner sole or on the base of the shoe.

If you are looking for a truly vegan shoe however, you will have to look a little harder. Glues and dyes can be a tricky point as companies don't always know or are willing to confirm the source.

While there are of course a few brands who are exclusively vegan, they are not as widely available and you may have to order online. Others have specific vegan models, and some are “accidentally vegan”.

Its a little hard to buy shoes online without trying on for size first, but it might be your best bet in finding the pair you want. Sites like zappos have a vegan shoe section, and while they do not deliver internationally, it can help at least in showing available models. Searching Amazon will give you mixed results, and I would only go for ones where “Vegan” is part of the description and or title, don’t just go by the materials listed.

The guys at Vegan Kicks try to stay on top of the latest vegan shoe offerings, but sometimes it can boil down to the sales rep that happens to reply to your email and the information they provide.

Nike no longer uses glues containing animal products, so any fully fabric/synthetic models should be vegan. Instagrammers @theairvegan lists Nike vegan options too.