Vegan Airline Meal Codes

Everyone should have a good reusable water bottle, whether they are hiking to Machu Pichu or sitting behind a desk. There are countless environmental problems caused by the use and discard of plastic water bottles, (taking 1000+years to bio degrade and releasing toxins into the soil, huge carbon footprint from production and shipping etc), not to mention the cost per bottle over tap water and potential health risk as toxins can leak from the bottle into the water. View “The Story of Bottled Water” for more information.

BPA Free Stainless Steel canteens and reusable plastic bottles are a great solution. They are rugged, stylish, often come with carabiner clip to hang on your backpack, be fitted to bikes etc. Filling these with tap water will save you money, help the environment, and will not leak toxins into your water.

Klean Kanteen & Glogg Stainless Steal bottles and Nalgene Plastic Bottles are all great brands. SIGG are now BPA free too. There are also a wide range of designs and colours beyond the classic look. Take your pick, just make sure its BPA free check screw threads are about 2-3 turns. A one-turn screw thread may open too easily, and too many turns just gets annoying every time you want a drink.

If the tap water really is not drinkable in your location, think about buying a water filter system, or try to refill from a water cooler. If you must purchase bottled water, try larger bottles from a company that reuses the containers, and when