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Puffing Billy Train

The Puffing Billy Train is an old Steam Train that runs through the Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave to Gembrook, including a stop at Emerald Lake. It takes about an hour to reach Lakeside, and you can sit on the window sill and hang your legs over the edge as the train chugs along

Its quite expensive at $52 for an Adult return to Lakeside, and you won’t find much at Belgrave or Emerald if you don’t make it to the lake (some trains stop at Emerald, one stop before the Lakeside Station). But it is mostly about the ride, and the novelty factor of riding a steam train, so unless you have interest in the train itself, your $50 might be better spent elsewhere.

It takes about an hour to get from Central Melbourne to Belgrave, and the Puffing Billy runs roughly 10:30 ~ 15:30, with times and stops varying each day, so check the timetable in advance and head out early to make sure you have enough time.

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Getting to Sentosa

Sentosa Express from Vivo City

There’s a few ways to get across to Sentosa Island. Firstly, you can simply walk across the boardwalk from Vivo City at Harbour Front, and pay a S$1 entry fee to the island. You can then take the Sentosa Express back for free.

The next, and most popular way, is to take the Sentosa Express, a short 4-stop monorail leaving from within Vivo City on level 3. This costs $4 and includes entrance to the island. You can either pay using your EZ-link card, or purchase a “Sentosa Pass” smart card. You can also purchase an “Islander card” if you plan to visit Sentosa often, giving you unlimited rides for a year for S$25. Setnosa Express runs 07:00 ~ 00:00.

For S$2 round trip, you can take bus RWS 8 from the bus stop outside Vivo City, 06:00 ~ 23:30.

You can take a taxi to or from the island, but you will pay a surcharge.

Finally, the Cable Car (S$26 Adults, S$15 Children) is the ultimate way to get to Sentosa Island, albeit more expensive. Find out all about the cable car and the “jewel card” here.