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The Spell Creperie

The Spell Creperie is a great little cafe offering both vegan and gluten freen crepes! These are made fresh to order so allow some time and hang out in their cozy cafe. The Elf Lunch Set gets you a vegan crepe, galette and a drink for 110K IDR!

Open Daily 09:30 ~ 23:30

The Spell Creperie


Vegan ice cream in Ubud! Not just sorbet either, its creamy gelato goodness, made from coconut milk & other natural ingredients. Kokolato is entirely vegan and gluten free, including their WAFFLE CONES!!

IDR 30-60K

Their outlet is South Off Jl. Raya, parallel on Jl. Dewisita. Also available at a few other retailers.

Daily 10:00 ~ 21:00

Ondeh Ondeh

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Another rice/coconut/pandan vegan treat in Singapore is Ondeh Ondeh. Here, the rice flour and pandan leaves are made into a dough (sometimes with pumpkin), then made into balls filled with either palm sugar, red bean, sesame etc, boiled, and rolled in desiccated coconut. About S$2 for 5 pieces. The chocolate version may not be vegan, so I would try to ask the seller if they know before purchasing.