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Wonder Full – Light & Water show

Marina Bay’s “Wonder Full” is Asia’s biggest Light & Water show. In front of MBS Hotel and set in the bay itself, fountains work to music and create walls of water for light projections. The video content of the projections is actually quite dull (basically propaganda), but overall the show is worth watching and takes about 15min. Its a little bit like the Bellagio fountains of Asia. Take a seat on the board walk steps, but don’t sit too close to the water or you may get a little wet from water spray.

Bayfront MRT, in front of MBS and the whirlpool fountain.

Sun – Thurs – 20:00, 21:30
Fri – Sat – 20:00, 21:30, 23:00

London West End Theatre

At any one time, there must be 50-100+ shows on in the West End of London, and at least 10+ of those will be great! Like Broadway, New York, seeing a show in London’s West End should be on your list of things to do.

The best way to go about this is by heading to Leicester Square and picking up a few pamphlets and show lists to decide on what you want to see first, then go to one of the theatre booking agents to try your luck.

If its a brand new, popular show, you probably won’t be able to get tickets from any of these guys, and your best trying to book with the theatre directly. Actually, you should always try the theatre directly to see what they have, and then go to one of the agents for comparison.

There are loads of these Box Office stands in Leicester Square. Tickets and prices can vary from agent to agent, but I prefer London Theatre Bookings. They are the biggest independent agent, seem more professional than some of the others, and I have never had a problem with tickets I bought through them. They are honest with their advice and have theatre seating maps to show you exactly what you are buying.

Weekday Matinée sessions are usually the cheapest for all shows, and you can try your luck with same-day tickets for last minute seats.

As for the shows themselves, it depends on what you are looking for. The Lion King is simply amazing, with intricate costumes, puppets, your favourite songs and characters from the film, and pretty much the entire story is covered. If you liked the film (and you should!!) you will love this show.

We Will Rock You was a little disappointing. The Mad Max-esque story line is terrible and barely threads the songs together. Personally I would have preferred a sort of epic tribute act. The entire cast finally does “We Will Rock You” at the end, and its great! But they should have just done that for all the big hits and it would have been much better.

London Theatre Bookings have a booth at the East end of Leicester Square (near the Tube Station), Covent Garden Tube Station, and now at Piccadilly Circus, or you can book online.

Most of the shows are in theatres between Regent Street and Covent Garden, but the odd show will be further out. Ask the agent for the location of the theatre when booking.

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