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Rain Oculus

Rain Oculus is a large whirlpool fountain by Ned Kahn, that sits just outside MBS shopping centre. Water in the 22m diameter acrylic bowl is turned on for about 15min every hour throughout the day, flushing water two stories below to the canal inside the mall. People have taken to the installation as a wishing fountain, attempting to roll or throw coins through the hole at the base of the bowl.

As a result of its design, sound easily carries across the bowl (when water is not flowing), meaning you can speak normally and someone standing directly opposite can hear you clearly, give it a try!

Bayfront MRT at MBS

Ku De Ta

This bar is famous in Singapore for one reason, its on top of MBS.

While there is a restaurant (with bad reports on the food) most people come here for the outside bar and view. This area however is fairly small, and the bar itself takes up half of that, so it can be quite crammed and hard to get a table. Also, because it looks down on to the Skypark, you can’t actually get to the edge for a really nice view.

The staff here aren’t exactly friendly either. They get very uptight in controlling who is going to the bar, the Skypark and the restaurant. One rolled eyes at me simply for ordering a non-alcoholic drink (even though we ordered 3 other drinks that were). This put me right off the place. Save your money on the drinks and spend it on the Skypark for a better view, more space, and no pressure for time.

Bayfront MRT

Club Lounge 11am till late, cover charge applies from 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of Public Holidays
Dress code: Stylish chic from 6pm onwards in the restaurant, skybar and club lounge (no shorts, slippers, singlets and tank tops)

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MBS SkyPark Observation Deck

The MBS Observation Deck is arguably the best view in Singapore. It is expensive at $20, and all you really get is the view (This does NOT let you swim in the famous infinity pool. If you join the free guided tour then you can gain access to view the pool only), but what a view it is. Its not quite 360°, but you can see all of Marina Bay, the city area, Gardens by The Bay, Singapore Flyer and beyond.

The deck has high glass walls, but no roof, so there is no shelter from rain or sun. There is no time limit here either, just one visit only. So if you like you can go in the afternoon, stay for sunset, and then see the lights.

Alternatively, you can visit Ku De Ta, a bar just above, but you will spend $20 on a drink, the view isn’t as nice as you can’t get to the edge, its cramped, and the staff are quite rude. If you’re after a rooftop bar, 1-Altitude is on the 61st-63rd floor with a full 360° view.

S$20 for adults, S$14 for children. You can buy online, through the hotline, or at the SkyPark Box Office (B1, Tower 3)

Bayfront MRT

Mon – Thurs – 09:30 ~ 22:00
Fri – Sun – 09:30 ~ 23:00
Tours Daily @ 10:00, 14:00, 21:00

Marina Bay from Skypark @ Marina Sands

Wonder Full – Light & Water show

Marina Bay’s “Wonder Full” is Asia’s biggest Light & Water show. In front of MBS Hotel and set in the bay itself, fountains work to music and create walls of water for light projections. The video content of the projections is actually quite dull (basically propaganda), but overall the show is worth watching and takes about 15min. Its a little bit like the Bellagio fountains of Asia. Take a seat on the board walk steps, but don’t sit too close to the water or you may get a little wet from water spray.

Bayfront MRT, in front of MBS and the whirlpool fountain.

Sun – Thurs – 20:00, 21:30
Fri – Sat – 20:00, 21:30, 23:00