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Singapore Cable Car

Singapore’s Cable Car takes you from HarbourFront to Mount Faber & Sentosa Island, in an 8 seater cabin with full 360 panoramic views over Singapore’s skyline, the harbour and Sentosa. If its not busy, you can try to get your own car to yourselves, but otherwise they will group you with others. They play light music (like jazz) inside, and there are fans but not a/c. The ride takes about 10-15min from the top at Mount Faber to the bottom at Sentosa.

It opened in 1974 and has been not just a mode of transport but a tourist attraction ever since. They periodically update the cabin designs and colours and add novelties like glass bottoms. There are currently 7 VIP cabins with Glass floor enhanced with Swarovski crystal elements.

S$26 Adults, S$15 children, or you can purchase a Faber Licence for S$39 for 12 months unlimited rides on the Cable car, and Sentosa Express! It also gives you a 30% discount for a friend’s ticket, and 20% off at some restaurants and shops on Mount Faber and Sentosa Island. If you plan to go on the cable car even twice within a year, its worth it.

The HarbourFront Cable Car station is about a 5-10min walk from HarbourFront MRT. Take exit B into HarbourFront Tower II, go up the escalators, and across the bridge, down to street level and turn left into the square after the first large building. There are signs posted along the way.

Daily 08:45 ~ 22:00 (last boarding 21:30)


In the south of the city is Xochimilco, where remaining canals from an old system connecting settlements offer a “Venice like” experience. Here you can rent ‘trajineras’ (canal boats like gondolas) for a couple of hours and they will take you up and down the canals, New Pier Market, and pass by houses & stalls on ‘Chinampas’ (man made islands). The most famous is Santana Barrera’s Chinampa, where old dolls were hung in the trees by the island’s occupant, Julián Santana Barrera, to ward off evil spirits.

The boats are all painted in bright colours with the boats name in large letters, and often flags from various countries. Best with a group of 8-10 people, stock up on alcoholic drinks and snacks before hand, bring your own music, and hire a boat for several hours! If you can’t get a group its still a nice way to spend the afternoon with 2 or 3 people, but solo would be pretty boring.

Cost depends on how many people you have and how long you want to go for, but its roughly around MX$100 per person for 2hrs. So if you have four people for 2hrs, about MX$400 total. The main place to get a boat from is Caltongo Pier, but there will be people trying to get your business even from right outside the station. Either way, just sure you know what you are getting (how long, number of people, where it goes etc) and that their boat is not docked too far away.

You can actually walk to the New Pier Markets and over bridges to some of the Chinampas, but its more fun to get a boat. There’s also Xochimilco market closer to the station where you can get snacks and the usual market stuff.

Its quite far from the city centre, but easy enough by public transport. Take Metro line 2 all the way south to Tasqueña, then transfer to the ‘Ligero’ (Light Rail) and get off at the last stop, Xochimilco. Allow a bit over an hour from Hidalgo to Xochimilco Station. From here you can walk down to the canals and grab a boat.