Where do you want to go?

Funan Digital Life Mall

There are two malls in Singapore famous for electronics, Sim Lim Square and Funan Digital Life Mall. I much prefer Funan and you’re better off here unless you really know your stuff and can negotiate well. Either way, do your homework first.

Funan has more printed prices, less haggling, and is much fairer than Sim Lim. You can try for a discount if buying multiple items, but prices are more rigid here. While not like Sim Lim, its still good to check prices first at online stores and big chain stores in Singapore such as Courts or Harvey Norman. Know exactly what you are willing to pay for an item and how much it is worth. Printing out prices is a good idea so you can show them. You may still pay a premium over online rates but it must be within reason.

You can buy anything from car shaped speakers to computers to lights to toys etc. I feel much better shopping in Funan than the mad house of Sim Lim.

Regardless, electronics in Singapore are NOT cheap. Import and sales taxes push prices high in Singapore, and you can probably get a better price online or elsewhere in the region.

City Hall MRT is closest, or an easy stroll from Clarke Quay along the main road.
Daily 10:00 ~ 22:00