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Water Proof / Dry Bags

dry bag

These Dry Bags are pure gold if you are heading anywhere near water or sand. Made from 600D PVC Tarpaulin and electronically welded, with a top folding safety seal system, they are completely waterproof. The material is tough enough to handle rough usage, but flexible enough to allow you to roll it up when not in use and save space. If you close it properly and be careful not to allow water/sand in when you are opening or closing it (check your hands!) it is rock solid. And if you close it with enough air inside it can even float!

Most of the colour options are bright, and it should be so it will stand out if it gets away from you and is floating down a river. They are so cheap and so useful, everyone should have one. I can’t recommend these enough! Sizes go from 5 to 20 litres. A 5 litre is enough for small items like a camera, wallet, small towel etc. If you want to carry a full beach towel, spare shirt etc get the 12 litre. I wouldn’t suggest anything bigger because, as shoulder bags, they aren’t very comfortable with a lot of weight. This is meant for the beach, river rafting, rain, sand dunes, swimming etc.
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