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Vegan Hiking Boots – Updated!

Looking for vegan sneakers?

There are some great Vegan Hiking boots available, but it’s not as easy as just grabbing a pair of non-leather boots. Even Gore-Tex models may contain animal based glues or dyes. Salomon and Hi-Tec for example cannot confirm any fully vegan models because of glues used in production.


Regarding your inquiry about the composition of our shoes we regret to inform you that it’s not possible for us to tell you whether or not our glues and dyes contain animal products.


We do have footwear with textile and leather free uppers and the soles on our footwear are manmade. However unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the glues used on our products, do not contain animal products in them. As I’m afraid this is not part of our manufacturing requirements.


Garmont used to have a model called Nagevi (“I vegan” backwards) which was a great boot. Mine took a couple years of punishment before they were stolen! However unfortunately, since then, Garmont has only sporadically released vegan models with new seasons. Keep an eye out for future vegan models, if they do it’s bound to be awesome.


Vegetarian Shoes

The Snowdon by Vegetarian Shoes, which I currently own, are great boots. As the name suggests, these things are designed to handle snow, and believe me they handle it well. I am Australian and these boots helped me endure a Canadian winter with temperatures dropping to -16°C! They list the boots as water resistant, but I would say they are fully waterproof. The only way water is getting in these boots is through the top!

They aren’t quite as comfortable as the Garmont’s I owned, but they are definitely warmer and better for snow-treks, but for summer forest hikes they can be a little heavy and your feet will sweat. My only other problem with these boots is the lace hoop clips. I would prefer closed rings (like on the Garmont) because the laces can slip out of the clips too easily. Get a pair of longer, flat laces, that can wrap around the boot. Oh, and watch thisTED talk on how to tie your shoes correctly!

The Trekker MK IV is similar but has some style differences and the added benefit of a Waterproof Windtex lining. If you’re deciding between these or the Snowdown boots, I’d just pick the ones you think look better!

Vegan Wares

A range of boots from Vegan Wares, the Hamilton Boot, Hiker Boot, Max 12 & Swamp Boots.

Wicked Hemp

A few Vegan boots from Wicked Hemp, utilising a durable hemp upper. Alton, Wicked Trail, Women’s Wicked Trail.

Dr. Martens
While not exactly a typical “hiking boot”, the 1460 is a vegan version of Dr Martens iconic boot. Available in both men & womens sizes and a few colour options.


The Sanuk Skyline has a Waxed Canvas Upper with a rubber lug outsole. I’m not sure how durable these are for serious hiking but they look comfortable and great for casual use.