Where do you want to go?

London Cinemas

To be honest, most of the big cinemas in Central London are crap. They are overpriced, bad seats, huge rooms with small screens, film showings are sporadic at best, and for some ridiculous reason they leave the ceiling lights on at the FRONT of the cinema, above the screen?! Its really quite hard to find a film you want, when you want, and you’re going to pay at least £13 for the privilege.

Most of the UK Premieres are held at one of the Leicester Square cinemas, but there are much better options.

The Prince Charles Cinema is just off Chinatown, showing slightly older releases, classics, art house films and special screenings from £4+ (members).

Curzon Soho is “UK’s busiest Art House Cinema”, usually playing films you’ve never heard of, but sometimes old classics. Ticket prices vary for members and show times, standard is £12.50.

The BFI IMAX is not cheap, at around £22 a ticket, but its a great experience and for films such as The Dark Knight Rises it’s totally worth it.

Cineworld is noted for its £15/month unlimited movie membership, so if your a real film buff and see an average of at least 2 films a month, this deal could be great. However if your seeing only 1 film a month or there isn’t a Cineworld branch near you, it might not be worth it.

Vue Cinemas Westfield, (Shepheards Bush), is probably my favorite cinema for new release films. They are more like the cinemas in Australia, with comfortable chairs, big screens and sound, multiple cinemas for a good selection of start times, and at £10.50 a much better price point. The Finchley Road branch is also not bad, from £11.25.

BFI Southbank & IMAX

The BFI (British Film Institute) promotes understanding and appreciation of film and television heritage and culture in the UK. BFI Southbank (formerly the National Film Theatre) is not just a cinema, but a film library, cafe, book store and exhibition center. Film Festivals are shown here throughout the year and you can research and watch older films, TV shows & documentaries in the library.

BFI IMAX is just down the road from Southbank, and holds the largest cinema screen in the UK, showing IMAX released films in 2D/3D! Great for epic films worthy of the screen and ticket price, around £22.

Walk from Waterloo Station.

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