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Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system, or MRT, is one of the best city train systems in the world, and probably the most efficient thing in Singapore. Its cheap, reliable, clean, with a much smoother and quieter ride than many other train systems. The network map covers most areas that visitors would want to access, and while it still misses a few spots, they are building new lines and extending the reach of the MRT, so in the future there will be even better coverage.

Your first purchase in Singapore should be an EZ-link card. This is your prepaid card for all public transport in Singapore. It costs S$12 with S$7 credit included (so the card itself is S$5 which you cannot get back). But the EZ-link card will save you time and money, with discounts on single trips and connected journeys with buses.

While a single trip can cost as little as S$0.80, your EZ-link card must have a balance of at least S$3 to travel. This is because there is no way to top-up your card before exiting the station, so your balance needs to be able to cover all possible journeys. Also note the minimum top-up amount is $10.

If you don’t want an EZ-link Card or don’t have it on you, you can buy a single trip ticket at the ticket machines. The single trip card is actually also reusable and has marginal discounts after multiple trips.

Note that because of the constant heat in Singapore, the MRT is air-conditioned to fridge-level temperatures. Sometimes its great to cool down, others you might just feel cold, so as strange as it seems to carry a jacket around Singapore, you may want to do so just for the MRT rides (also Taxis and shopping malls).

Trains start around 05:00 on weekdays, 07:00 on weekends, and finish around 00:00 daily. However these are at their beginning and ending stations respectively, so it depends where you are on the line. There are first and last train times printed at each station.

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