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Delcie’s Cakes

There are a few cafes offering vegan and even gluten free cake slices in Singapore, but at Delcie’s its their specialty. All of the cakes are vegan, and they have options for diabetics (no added sugar), gluten free and without nuts too! The cakes themselves are quite rich and can be a little heavy, but very tasty (I’ve only tried the gluten free ones). You can buy whole cakes at various sizes, cupcakes, cookies etc.

They come well presented in portable packaging, and you can get custom text, images, candles etc when ordering. You can even order it frozen so you can collect early and let it thaw overnight for optimum freshness. Get it delivered or pick up at Boon Keng.

Warning these cakes are not cheap, prices ranging from S$40 for 5×5″ vegan cake up to S$250 for 10×10″ gluten free version. But vegan gluten-free cakes aren’t that easy to come by, especially at this quality. So if you feel like splurging for a birthday check out the big range on offer here. And of course cupcakes and Muffins etc are obviously cheaper and good for single desserts.

Near Boon Keng MRT, Exit B

Tue – Sun 11:00 ~ 20:00
Mondays – Closed

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