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Generator Hostel London

Generator Hostels are located in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin and Hamburg! They are well set up, with a modern design, bar, pool table, movie room etc. They generally have a good party vibe and organise events both in and out of the hostel. Some of the rooms are barely big enough to turn around in, but the common areas are huge. From £18 a night (£23 Fri-Sun) its about average price for London.

Breakfast is included, but its the usual cereal/toast/juice variety.

The main downside of the Generator is its large capacity. As it has so many rooms and beds, it caters to large groups (both tour and school). So if you are sharing a floor with a large group it can be chaos, especially with younger groups (remember what you got up to on school trips?!). Bathrooms are per floor, not per room, so they can be left quite dirty with masses of people going through.

But If your looking for a party atmosphere then this is the place to stay, just be prepared for noise, drunken shenanigans, and good times! :)

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Astor Quest

I have stayed a number of times at Astor Hostels in London. There isn’t anything particularly special about them, but I think they are the best bang-for-buck (or pound) in London. From £16 a night you can stay in a 4 bed dorm (some large rooms, some cramped depending on your luck), with comfortable bunk beds, in-room shower/toilet and wi-fi. They also offer a weekly rate, about £90, but you share with other “long termers”, no en-suite shower and its not as nice as the nightly dorms.

I think Bayswater is one of the best places to stay in London for a visitor, with access to the Central, Circle and District lines, Paddington Station is walkable and night buses run along Bayswater road. Queensway has a load of restaurants and shops, cinemas, bowling etc, and you can cross the road to Hyde Park, short stroll to Notting Hill, Portobello Road and Soho. There’s also Astor Hyde Park and Museum Inn (Near Russell Square).

Last time I Stayed there, they were in middle of restorations (which is good because it needed a little upkeep). The vibe is more relaxed and there isn’t as much in the way of events and parties. However this is another reason I chose to stay there as I was looking to work not party. A lot of people here are either long-term in the hostel or looking for longer-term accommodation in London, so its not just tourists passing through.

They have a high staff turnover (as with most hostels) and they offer accommodation-for-work to backpackers, but the long-term staff are great. It has a large and well equipped kitchen, with pots, pans etc available, but it gets very busy in peak times.

More information and booking at Hostelworld.

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