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Ellis Brigham

Ellis Brigham is like a hard-core version of Kathmandu, in terms of their gear, customers, and prices. They sell very high quality (and priced) products for extreme adventures. Like real mountain climbing, as opposed to hiking. They even have a friggin’ ICE WALL inside their Covent Garden branch so you can try the gear and learn how to use it before you buy it.

They also have Ski & Snowboarding gear, and general stuff for hiking, biking, camping etc. I think a lot of their stuff is overkill for the average traveller, but perfect for the hard-core adventurer. Their prices are also only for the hard-core, so if its more standard gear you want, try elsewhere. But if you really are going to the extremes, Ellis Brigham will kit you out with gear that won’t let you down.

Mon – Fri – 10:00 ~ 20:00
Sat – 09:30 ~ 18:30
Sun – 11:30 ~ 17:30

Kathmandu, London

Kathmandu is “New Zealand’s No.1 Outdoor Store”, selling everything from socks, pocket knives, and locks to backpacks, sleeping bags, adventure clothing and equipment. Every time I go here I want to buy one of their cool travel-gadgets.

The best thing about Kathmandu is their huge range of backpacks in many styles and sizes, Gore-Tex jackets, fleece Jackets, and thermal under garments. Most products are their own brand and are great quality. I have been using the same large backpack for 6 years!

In general, I think Kathmandu can be a little expensive. However, twice a year they have sales. BIG sales. Up to 60% off. This brings a £300 backpack down to a much more reasonable £120 for example. So check out the store, work out what you need, and if you can, hold out till one of their sales.

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National Geographic Store

Everyone knows (and loves) National Geographic Magazine, & they continue the theme in their Regent Street store, to inform, amaze and inspire us. With products and information related to travel, adventure and culture, items include clothing, gear, books, educational toys, and art works from around the world.

They also have a nice cafe in-store.

Just north of Piccadilly Circus on Regent Street.

Mon – Sat – 10:00~20:00
Sun – 12:00~18:00

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