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Camden Town Markets

I don’t know why it took me so long to go to Camden Markets, because they’re awesome! You will find clothes, art, music, furniture, food, pubs, Shisha bars and more. This really is the best market in London. There is a ton of small restaurants serving all cuisines, Thai, Mexican, Japanese etc, many of them have at least one vegetarian option but you should ask to confirm if it’s vegan. For pure Vegetarian (99% vegan) options inside the market, Ha Ha Veggie Bar has you covered.

Make sure you visit Cyber Dog while in the markets. This Cyber Punk shop is almost a tourist attraction of its own. They sell club gear, retro-modern toys, and “adult products” in the basement. Even if you have no interest in electronic music or the Cyber Punk world, its worth checking out. All the staff are dressed up, there are podium dancers, and sometimes live DJ sets.

If you walk down the hill from Camden Town Station, you will first see a small market section on the right which is mostly clothes and shoes, further on down you will pass inSpiral Lounge and cross Regents Canal and Camden Lock (a boat interchange where the water level is raised/lowered within the lock space to allow boats to continue on the river). To the right, by the canal, is one section of shops, but to the left is the main area of Camden Markets.

The markets are open daily, but the weekends are busiest and all shops guaranteed to be open.

10:00 ~ 18:00

Portobello Market

Portobello Market is not just an Antiques Market (although at one end there are quite a lot of old spoons & tea pots!), it has expanded into a full and varied street market with clothes (new and old), art, music, souvenirs etc. Its also stretched further down Portobello Road and onto some side streets.

Its very popular, and while shops are open weekdays, the market is only open on Saturdays, which means it gets packed with people. So keep your bags and valuables close and tight. It was also the setting for much of the film “Notting Hill”, making it even more of a tourist hot spot (note; the famous blue door from the film is no longer there).

You can walk to Portobello Road from a number of stations, but Notting Hill Gate & Ladbroke Grove are the closest.