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Vx / SSOV Vegan Shop

Vx (Vee Cross) is a an all-vegan boutique shop in London! They sell cupcakes from Mrs. Cupcake and Cat & the Cream, groceries, sandwiches, shoes, clothing by SSOV (The Secret Society of Vegans), books, SSOV accessories etc.

Check them out for some great stuff and not having to check anything, its all vegan!

Mon – 11:00 ~ 19:30
Tues – Sun – 10:00 ~ 18:30



Japan Center

Japan Center is a large Japanese produce store, with tofu, rice, seaweed, sauces, curries, rice crackers etc. They also make fresh Sushi daily (including vegan options of Seaweed Onigiri, avocado roll, cucumber roll & Inari Sushi) which is good for a quick lunch or snack. You can also buy their sushi from Umai in Soho.

It’s a little more expensive than Arigato or Rice Wine, but if you can’t find something there, they probably have it here.

On Lower Regent Street, just South of Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.

Mon – Sat – 10:00~21:00
Sun – 11:00~19:00

Arigatou & Rice Wine

Arigato and Rice Wine are both small Japanese supermarkets on Brewer Street, just up from Piccadilly Circus. I find these two the best places to buy Tofu and other Japanese foods in London, with Arigato being my preference as although Rice Wine is a little cheaper, they are often out of stock on my favourite items. They are both cheaper than the places I used to go in China Town too.

A big block of Tofu is roughly £1.20-£1.60. You can also get Japanese rice, miso paste, kimchi, sushi nori, soya sauce, bulldog sauce etc.

Arigato also serves food from a small restaurant within the shop, I have never eaten there however.

Mon – Sat 10:00~21:00
Sun – 11:00~20:00

Rice Wine
Mon – Sat 10:00~22:00
Sun – 12:00~21:00

Wing Yip

If you live in North West London, or are up for the trip, make a visit to Wing Yip. This is a Chinese Superstore. Its like a Chinese supermarket for restaurants and other Chinese run businesses. It’s the size of a large Sainsbury’s store, and they also have a back section with things to purchase by the pallet! If there’s a Chinese food product available in the UK, you will find it here. As well as dried foods like Shiitake Mushrooms, you can also buy nuts. A big bag of Almonds or Cashews here is cheaper than any other shop in London. They also have a lot of cooking utensils, pots etc. Be prepared to spend an hour or more walking around this place. It’s massive.

Take the bus towards Brent Cross and it stops right near it, you will spot the Pagoda-like building a mile away.

Mon – Sat – 09:30~20:00
Sun – 11:30~17:30

Borough Market

Borough Market is a fresh food market on London’s South Bank. Unfortunately, there isn’t that much to keep Vegan visitors busy, but vegan friendly vendors are on the increase, and its still worth a visit. Be warned however, there are a lot of fish and meat products on display so avert your eyes and hold your breath!

The Veggie Table offers Veggie Burgers (one Vegan, and one Halloumi), Curries and Salad. It cost £4-6 for a burger, on a leaf, bun or with salad.

The Natural Smoothie Co is right near The Veggie Table, selling awesome freshly blended smoothies. The cups are ready to go but they are constantly making them so they have only been sitting there for a minute or two, as they sell fast and they are just trying to keep up! Lots of fruit combinations, a couple have yoghurt and honey though so just read what’s in each one. £3.5 for a 400ml cup.

Flax Farm grows linseed in West Sussex and as well as selling cold-press linseed oil and the seeds themselves, they make goodies such as cereals and flapjacks! Their Quinoa Flapjack is gluten-free-goodness.

The Honest Carrot makes Vegetarian Pastries, some of which are Vegan, including Flowerpot Bread!

Total Organics sells organic fruit and veg, fresh juice, and a salad bar.

Chegworth Valley Organic Juices are great, and you can buy them at various shops and cafes in London, but why not go straight to the source?

The Cool Chile Co sells Mexican dried chillies, chipotle salsa, Corn Tortillas that are both Vegan and Gluten Free, and other sauces and Mexican ingredients.

I don’t drink coffee so I can’t vouch for it, but some people say Monmouth Coffee makes one of the best cups in London, and one of their branches happens to be on the border of Borough Market.

Thurs – 11:00 ~ 17:00
Fri – 12:00 ~ 18:00
Sat – 08:00 ~ 17:00

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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is an international Natural and Organic products supermarket, with branches in the UK, Canada & USA. They have a huge range of quality natural foods, with loads of Vegetarian and Vegan products. On average, they are a little more expensive than say Holland & Barret, (with some products being ridiculously expensive), but their stores are huge and offer a much bigger range, with fresh foods and meals to eat-in or takeaway.

As well as food products they have cosmetics and toiletries, with brands like Jason, Kingfisher & Dr Bronner’s. You can find other branches here.

Soho Branch:
7:30am-9pm Monday to Friday
9am-9pm Saturday
11:30am- 6:30pm Sunday

Kensington Branch:
Mon – Sat – 08:00 ~ 22:00
Sun 12:00 ~ 18:00 (browse from 11:00)
Restaurant Mon – Sat – 08:00 ~ 21:45
Restaurant Sun – 10:00 ~ 17:45