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Hamleys Toy Shop

Hamleys is the coolest Toy Shop in London, with roots going back to 1780! Their flagship store on Regent street is 5 levels of fun, and while it may be (mostly) for kids, I love this store & so do my mates. There are staff standing out the front in costumes with bubble-guns, and inside the shop demonstrating the toys. The floors are divided into age groups, boys and girls to make it easy to find things. They do have toys for grown-ups too, with puzzles, chess boards, video games etc.

There’s also a Build-A-Bear Workshop in-store, where you select your fuzzy, clothing, custom-voice recordings, stuffing etc and build your new friend! Materials are natural or high-quality man made fibres.

Walk South on Regent Street from Oxford Circus, or North from Piccadilly Circus.

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