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Vx / SSOV Vegan Shop

Vx (Vee Cross) is a an all-vegan boutique shop in London! They sell cupcakes from Mrs. Cupcake and Cat & the Cream, groceries, sandwiches, shoes, clothing by SSOV (The Secret Society of Vegans), books, SSOV accessories etc.

Check them out for some great stuff and not having to check anything, its all vegan!

Mon – 11:00 ~ 19:30
Tues – Sun – 10:00 ~ 18:30



National Geographic Store

Everyone knows (and loves) National Geographic Magazine, & they continue the theme in their Regent Street store, to inform, amaze and inspire us. With products and information related to travel, adventure and culture, items include clothing, gear, books, educational toys, and art works from around the world.

They also have a nice cafe in-store.

Just north of Piccadilly Circus on Regent Street.

Mon – Sat – 10:00~20:00
Sun – 12:00~18:00

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Topshop is a level up from Primark in the cheap-clothing-superstore game, in price, quality, and style. Topshop seems most popular with young females, but Topman offers something for the guys (if you can make your way through the chaos of Topshop to get upstairs that is!). Topshop has previously partnered with PETA in a ‘No to Fur’ campaign, and stated they sold no real fur products. However that doesn’t stop them selling leather, and there is still the ethical production question that needs to be raised.

Topshop is high on the tourist shopping list for many. They also have a branch in New York now, showing their success.
The main store on Oxford Street is just east of Oxford Circus Tube Station, next to the Nike store.

Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat – 09:00~21:00
Thur – 09:00~22:00
Sun – 11:30~18:00

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Primark is the cheapest clothing franchise in Britain, and hugely popular with over 120 stores. But it’s almost too cheap. Any visit to Primark will leave you wondering how garments can be sold for such a low price and still make a profit. Leading to the obvious questions of ethics and where, how, and by who are these clothes being made. Their sub-site talks about Ethical Trading, and the BBC was forced to apologise for using “fake” footage in their ‘Panorama’ documentary after a BBC Trust ruling. Yet still, you can’t help but feel a little dirty purchasing something here.

Either way, the general public don’t think about the how, why, or where, but just look at the final product and price tag (Vegans should know this better than anyone). So Primark is actually a high priority on on many visitor’s lists, and outside the shop you will see whole families with bags on bags of items. It’s also incredibly crowded inside and the checkout queues are massive.

As far as the items themselves, I can’t argue their value for money and the quality is reasonable considering what you pay. They have a lot of cotton products, and very cheap canvas/rubber shoes like Vans knock-offs. However they also sell leather items, and cheap leather can only mean bad things. They have possibly sold the odd fur product also, but most of it is faux.

The largest store is on Oxford Street, between Marble Arch and Bond Street Tube Stations, you can’t miss it.

Mon – Fri – 08:30~10.00
Sat – 08:30-21:00
Sun – 12:00-18:00