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Hostel Amigo

Hostel Amigo is a popular backpacker hostel in Mexico City. There’s two actually, Hostel Amigo and Hostel Amigo Suites Downtown. Both offer a great social aspect, multilingual staff offering advice, hostel group tours, and a reputation as a bit of a party place (more so at Amigo than Downtown).

They offer free airport pick up which is great (conditions apply) and breakfast/dinner is also included, but don’t hold your breath on vegan options.

Located in the central Historic area, its location has good and bad points. Good is that you can check out the Zocalo, National Palace, National Museum of Art etc very easily. Bad in that the area is incredibly crowded, noisy, and a little dirty.

I didn’t actually stay at Amigos, but I met talked to people who did, and would have stayed there were I traveling solo. Its great for that party atmos and social aspect if thats what you’re after. However if you prefer to keep to yourselves and do things on your own, try Fridas y Diego.

Dorms MX$150-200 pp
Privates MX$250-300 pp
Walk from Zocalo Station.

Dos Fridas y Diego Hostal

Dos Fridas y Diego is a great hostal in the Zona Rosa are of Mexico City. It has nice private rooms, dorm rooms with a lot of space and lockers, a ground floor terrace and top floor baclony area with chairs and a football table. Some of the staff don’t speak much English, but they will still try and help you and offer information. They have a free breakfast but its usually eggs and bread, so may be fine for the lactos but not great for vegans.

Located in Zona Rosa, its a convenvenient and generally safe area. Its a short walk to Yug (Vegetarian Restaurant), two train stations, and two entertainment areas.

This is not a party hostel, its nice, relaxed and quiet. If you want a party hostel, or are travelling solo and want to meet people, you should look at one of the Amigo hostels near Zocalo.

Note that they do not offer laundry service, there are no self-service options and I couldn’t find anyone in the area who could do it in less than 3 days!

6 Bed Dorm: MX$170 p/p
Private Single: MX$350 p/room
Private Double: MX$400-450 p/room
Private Triple: MX$550 p/room

Close to Insergentes and Cuauhtemoc Station, but you may want to get a taxi the first time.

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