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Well, this is me, the Vegan Nomad.

Born in Sydney Australia, I became a Vegetarian at 10 years old on the realisation of where meat came from and the harm it was causing. At the end of 2005, I left Sydney for a 1 year round-the-world trip that included Asia, Europe and South America before returning to Sydney. Then, only a month later, I took off again, and shortly after became Vegan.

So for the last 6 years I have been living a Nomadic lifestyle, and Vegan for 5 of them. I have lived and worked in Japan, England, Canada and the Czech Republic, and visited some 30 odd countries. I have also been blogging the entire thing, going from a flash-based on-line scrapbook I hacked together in 2005, to the wonder that is WordPress.

This website, Vegan Nomad Guide, is intended as a No Bullshit Travel guide, with a push towards the Vegan & Eco-Friendly side of things. It is all written from my personal experiences & I will not talk up things for the sake of it (you can guess who does that). If It was boring as hell, I’ll tell you. If the food was crap, you’ll know.

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